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To embody the legacy of Clara Luper by establishing future generations of citizens dedicated to academic excellence and public service with a commitment to end acts of injustice and intolerance. 

Our programs are designed to provide youth and residents of underserved communities access to opportunities and resources that will inspire, engage and equip them to realize their dreams while never losing the importance of giving back and helping someone else.

Clara Luper was a civic leader, retired schoolteacher and pioneering leader in the American Civil Rights Movement.  She is best known for her leadership role in the 1958 Oklahoma City sit-in movement, as she led NAACP Youth Councilmembers in  nonviolent sit-in protests of downtown drugstore lunch-counters, which overturned their policies of segregation across many states.

"I have never doubted my abilities. I was always sure I could do anything with proper advice, study and hard work."  Clara Luper


Clara Luper

As Mrs. Luper believed everyone could be successful given support, a gentle nudge and the chance...The Clara Luper Legacy Foundation offers programs and scholarships to  to broaden  opportunities for success .

Behold The Walls

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46th Annual Miss Black Oklahoma Pageant

7.30.2016 - Tulsa, OK


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